On June 19th of 2023 students of Prepa Umad Centro proudly presented the 11th edition of The Young Writers Anthology in the area of Spanish and the 9th edition in the bilingual area, such an important event was guided by their corresponding teachers, María Cristina León Munguía and José Luis Victorino Memije, the event is one of the most relevant activities students of Prepa Umad carry out every year.

The objective of the Anthology is to promote the reading and writing skills among students of the six semestres of Prepa Umad, beside the abilities mentioned the activity aims as well to develop the XXI century skills, the final work presented by 50 students displayed the high quality and the impressive talent students possess.

To this event we had the attendance of Prepa Umad principal, Karina Lily Elena Rodrígez; English Academy Coordinator, Juan Manuel Molina Campos; Spanish Academy Coordinator Silvia Josefina García Garrido; the group of young writers, classmates, teachers, and parents.

In this Young Writers Anthology, fifty students’ texts were selected and presented as follows:

  • First Block, Spanish Area:
    Anahí Ávila Maritano, Guillermo Báez Jiménez, Jazmín Alondra Castillo Huerta, Manuel Rodríguez Morán, Hanna Eunice Allende Márquez, Israel Gerardo Robles León, Jaime Iván Sánchez Romero, and Daniel Treviño Flores.
  • Second Block, Bilingual Area:
    Aria Chávez Esperón, Ana Lorena Flores López, María José Flores Guzmán, David Eli Martínez Silva, Luis Alberto Sánchez Juárez, Mathías Varela Corona, Camila Vera Díaz, and Camila Velázquez Rodríguez.
  • Third Block, Spanish Area:
    Citlali Contreras Cuayahuitl, Franco Pérez Aragón, Fernanda Reyes García, Jonathan Hernández Olvera, Nadia Martínez Melchor, Katya Danielle Ortíz Aguirre, Vanessa Poblano Jarillo, and Ximena Ramírez García.
  • Fourth Block, Bilingual Area:
    Diana Laura Pérez Bello, Víctor Castañeda Rosas, Vanessa Poblano Jarillo, Ian Daniel Hernández Martínez, Hugo Mendoza Ramírez, Katya Danielle Ortíz Aguirre, Natalia Rojas Rodríguez, and Zabdi Jared García Martínez.
  • Fifth Block, Spanish Area:
    Iliana Moreno Carmona, Renatta M. Escamilla Zárate, Valeria Morales Santos, Haris Janet Gómez Villaseca, María Fernanda Enríquez Olvera, Emmanuel Ferrer Escobedo, Emiliano Ramírez Guzmán, Sergio Mendoza Ramírez, and Jocelyn Vázquez Ramírez.
  • Sixth Block, Bilingual Area:
    Giuliana de Abril Poumian Tapia, Ximena Alexa Fenelon Radilla, Dayra Lorena Chávez Velázquez, Juan José Molina Hernández, Ana Galilea Guevara González, Axel Alejandro Pastrana Castañeda, Samuel Alejandro Herrera Torres, Héctor López Hernández, and Loyola Peña Vania.

The design of the Anthology Cover was created by talented Prepa Umad students Jocelyn Vázquez Ramírez and Mónica Anahí López Flores.

We want to acknowledge the exceptional job of the teachers Cristina León Munguía and José Luis Victorino Memije who were responsible of the success of Young Writers 11th and 9th editions, as every year they are the ones who supervise the work of the students, revise, read, and proofread every single line the students produce until the final work is published.

The Anthology 2023 I now part of the collections and it’s available at the school library, we deeply encourage the community of students to visit the library and read this beautiful piece of art.

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