Students of Elementary showed their writing skills and talent in the presentation of an anthology which compiles the most outstanding stories written by young great writers.

In the second week of December the students presented their work of an activity that began in October with a call for participation, in which all students were invited to write a story of a topic they most enjoy, the themes were widely open but they were always aligned with the mission of our school.

The second stage of the activity was the revision and proofreading of the papers, the teachers in charge took their time to guide their students to get ideas of the stories they were about to start, after some weeks the students submitted their piece of writing, finally the teachers after a thorough revision, selected the best stories.

In this event the winners of the first three places of both campuses Centro and Zavaleta were invited to tell their stories accompanied with a member of the family, the presentations were full of creativity and enthusiasm, they relied on a number of resources to make their presentations remarkable, some students created the atmosphere of the story, some others wore clothes or costumes related to their stories and some others used puppets to tell their stories.

The objective of this activity is to promote the good habit of reading, and then to encourage students to write a story in collaboration with the members of the family, in this way, values such as respect, love, friendship, generosity and thankfulness are displayed and put into practice.

The printed version of the Great Writers Anthology will be presented in a ceremony in the second semester of the school term 2021-2022.

Congratulations to the winners!