By M.E.I. Áurea M. Rivera Mendoza

On June 18th, the bilingual groups in fourth semester of “Bachillerato” Plantel Centro (4°C and 4°D) participated in a very fruitful experience. We visited the “Centro de día” which pertains to the DIF Municipal Puebla, and where 70 students aged 10 to 15 years old study under the INEA system. The purpose of that center is for these youngsters to complete their primary and secondary levels in order to have the opportunity to continue studying. There they explained that some of their students have successfully finished secondary and gotten scholarships to continue in formal institutions such as the BUAP and others.

Our students organized different activities in teams and interacted with the DIF students during a period of time so as to give them some learning experiences. The activities intended to develop creativity, socialization and even self-defense strategies.

At the end they personally bestowed a candy to each of the students there. They were so happy that a big applause was given to our students. The objective of this activity was to develop leadership skills and empathy in our students but their attitude was so positive that all expectations were surpassed.